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Brandy D. Strong was one of two co-founders of Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendant Care Services, Inc. She was the beloved daughter of Gloria Kasler, RN the current owner/administrator of Nightingale’s. She was the big sister of Babbette Yates, VP of Charleston operations, and forever missed mother of CJ Frazier, Hunter Strong, Alex Strong, Dalton Strong and wife of Anthony.

Brandy labored hard and worked long hours to make this company successful from it’s inception in 2001 to 2010. Everyone who knew Brandy knew her to be full of love, life, and a truly caring person. She was always available to her employees, friends, family, and clients (who she always considered to be her closest of friends).

She often spent a lot of time sending letters, notes, birthday cards and Holiday wishes to everyone she knew on a regular basis. Brandy would read a heart touching story and say “this reminds me of so and so, it will make their day to read it!” Then she would wind up sending it to everyone she knew! No one knew how many hours, how much paper, ink, and postage Brandy spent on these special messages of love, but she would laugh and say, “we will just have to be able to afford it!” Then the Lord would allow her the ability and resources to do it again and again.

Brandy would stay on the phone with a friend, a client, an employee, or a family member until the person on the other end felt better, whatever the circumstances. She would call just to check on you and she would pray with you and for you when you needed it. She was always ready with a smile and a hug!

When Brandy passed away, a very dear friend who works with the State on our surveys was quoted as saying “I believe one of the reasons this company has been so successful is because Brandy was so sweet and friendly, people knew she REALLY cared about them and that means a lot to people!”

Another dear friend who was involved in a tragic accident that left him a quadriplegic who has been a long term client of Nightingales said, “I don’t mean to make anybody cry or be upset by what I’m about to say, but when my birthday came around and I didn’t get a card with a hand written note inside from Brandy, I broke down and cried like a baby!” She was ALWAYS thinking of others! Yes, Nightingale’s had sent him a card, and had even written in it, but it just wasn’t the same without Brandy’s curly ques and hearts all over it!

We will never forget her and we will honor her memory in this company for as long as we exist. Each year since her passing over, we have given someone who possesses similar qualities in their character the most prestigious award we have, THE BRANDY D. STRONG AWARD.

If you know of a Nightingale employee who reminds you in any way of the lady we have described here, please use this opportunity to bestow upon that person the honor of being nominated for this coveted Rosebud Foundation award.

Along with the description above, some of personal attributes of the individual chosen for this award should be someone who is:

  • Caring of others
  • Loyal to the end
  • Invites others into their lives
  • Treats others with respect and kindness
  • Smiles a lot
  • Performs labors of love on a regular basis
  • Trust in God to help everyone during hard times
  • Is steadfast and dependable, not “sometimey” (a word she used to describe for those who may not always be there for you)
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